33 Entrepreneur Lessons From “Open For Business” Podcast

I've summarized all the key learnings from the first ten episodes of the new Gimlet Creative podcast, Open For Business. (links to each episode included) I love this new podcast. Branded, unbranded. Whatever. I'm a hungry hungry content hippo, and good stuff is good stuff! I think it's all too natural when you're working hard … Continue reading 33 Entrepreneur Lessons From “Open For Business” Podcast

Welcome to Macau

Shenzhen, China: March 23, 2012 I’ve been in China for 29 days now and that means it’s Visa renewal time! At this point, I had to leave the country, and come back in order to keep my tourist visa valid. I had thought this meant going to visit Korea or Japan, but I’ll more than … Continue reading Welcome to Macau

Virtue Bullying

I'd like to be so ambitious as to coin a new term: Virtue Bullying With increasing frequency, I see people who are willing to post something shocking to their social media, in order to instigate a reaction from people, to rile them up, being totally unwilling to deal with any of the after effects. You're getting the … Continue reading Virtue Bullying

Pt.2 Living With Narcos

Political asylum. The words banged around inside my head trying to find meaning. I don't know exactly what it takes to become a political refugee in the U.S., but you have to be able to prove a very real threat to your life, back in your home country. In the 90's it must have been … Continue reading Pt.2 Living With Narcos

Living with Narcos

Sometimes all you need to do to hear someone’s story is ask. I spent an Uber ride, with an ordinary person, who had been through extraordinary things. She had fled her country, left her children far behind, and hid out in America. One bright hour, with a woman who had a lifetime of stories. Latino, in her mid-forties. Seemed … Continue reading Living with Narcos

Pull of the Smoke Break

I was asked a great question: What is it about a smoke break that brings people together? A tough question for any non-smoker to answer. Also, something that a lot of smokers probably don’t think about or pay attention to. Why you’re doing something is easily taken for granted while you’re actually doing it. But … Continue reading Pull of the Smoke Break

Day 1

A Day of Change It’s about 3:30 PM local time and I’m finally sitting in a taxi heading into Beijing from the Airport. Still a tad delirious and drunk from my indulgent flight, a foreign place looks even more alien to my foggy brain. Why am I looking at palm trees? Apparently, palms and tropical … Continue reading Day 1

No Sleep ‘Til Beijing

Pre-Flight My nerves are on edge. My stomach is empty and churning. It's two hours before I’m leaving to the airport for my first trip to China. If there is a word for both my state of mind and state of luggage, and that word is over-prepared. Feel free to debate that hyphen. I’ve spent … Continue reading No Sleep ‘Til Beijing