Do Your Need / Want Matrix

At a reflective moment in your life?   Contemplating what would be the right next move for you?   Just not sure what's driving your decisions anymore? Sometimes the easiest way to draw distinctions between things is by finding their extremes, and then defining the edges where those extremes bump up against each other. Try … Continue reading Do Your Need / Want Matrix

I Binged 5 Seasons of Shark Tank and Learned All This.

The only good reason for watching that much reality TV is the uncontrolled and messy implosion of your business. Or Maybe a bad breakup, but only a minor psychopath would deal with that by adding five seasons of Shark Tank to their week long ice cream binge. I had neither of those reasons. So I guess … Continue reading I Binged 5 Seasons of Shark Tank and Learned All This.

Virtue Bullying

I'd like to be so ambitious as to coin a new term: Virtue Bullying With increasing frequency, I see people who are willing to post something shocking to their social media, in order to instigate a reaction from people, to rile them up, being totally unwilling to deal with any of the after effects. You're getting the … Continue reading Virtue Bullying

Pt.2 Living With Narcos

Political asylum. The words banged around inside my head trying to find meaning. I don't know exactly what it takes to become a political refugee in the U.S., but you have to be able to prove a very real threat to your life, back in your home country. In the 90's it must have been … Continue reading Pt.2 Living With Narcos

Living with Narcos

Sometimes all you need to do to hear someone’s story is ask. I spent an Uber ride, with an ordinary person, who had been through extraordinary things. She had fled her country, left her children far behind, and hid out in America. One bright hour, with a woman who had a lifetime of stories. Latino, in her mid-forties. Seemed … Continue reading Living with Narcos

Pull of the Smoke Break

I was asked a great question: What is it about a smoke break that brings people together? A tough question for any non-smoker to answer. Also, something that a lot of smokers probably don’t think about or pay attention to. Why you’re doing something is easily taken for granted while you’re actually doing it. But … Continue reading Pull of the Smoke Break