Do Your Need / Want Matrix

At a reflective moment in your life?


Contemplating what would be the right next move for you?


Just not sure what’s driving your decisions anymore?

Sometimes the easiest way to draw distinctions between things is by finding their extremes, and then defining the edges where those extremes bump up against each other.

Try this 10 minute exercise and fill in the four quadrants with whatever is inside your head, clogging up your decision making.

When you oppose Need and Want on an XY axis, you create four quadrants:

  • Things I Need & WantThese should create a goal goldmine. Items here meet the qualifications of being something that you actually Need for psychological, emotional, physical or financial stability, and your Want creates a desire to go after them.
  • Things I Don’t Need, but WantItems here will create an image of frivolous time or resource expenditures. No one is without the desire for care-free enjoyment, but it is only healthy if pursued within reason.
  • Things I Don’t Need & Don’t WantPerfect fodder for your “Stop Doing List”. Items here clearly show you that you should be moving away from them. Minimize effort on these things ASAP. Clear the decks for better work.
  • Things I Need, but Don’t WantGoing after these items will require discipline. You know they are good for you, but the desire to pursue them isn’t strong. This is possibly the most important quadrant, because it shows you where the real work is going to be in doing what is right for yourself.


Need Want Matrix V2


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